Game a religion

FOOTBALL chiefs say matches being planned for Good Friday, possibly as early as next year, won’t clash with traditional 3pm religious services.

Perth Catholic archbishop Timothy Costelloe high-tackled the AFL over its plans to play games on the day—the holiest in the Christian calendar—but says at the very least it should ensure games and televising don’t interfere with church.

“I had hoped the AFL would appreciate the importance of Good Friday as a day of profound reverence and reflection,” he said.

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“[Night games] would enable people to attend religious services, which often take place at three o’clock on Good Friday, and still enjoy watching their team play in the evening.

“We can be good Australians who love our football, and good Christians who love our God, at the same time.”

AFL media man Patrick Keane says games will most likely start at dusk, well after the pews have emptied: “We are well aware that the primary time for Good Friday services is at 3pm and we have no intention of scheduling any match at that time,” he said. “A likely time slot would either be a twilight match or a night match but I would repeat we have no decision yet.”


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