Farm fresh

GLORIOUS winter sunshine poured down upon us as hippies and city suits mingled to enjoy the green ambience and great food at City Farm.

Sitting amid beds of basil, parsley and other herbs, coats and scarves were shed and it was thyme to check out the food in the cabinet.

A massive tuna patty looked pretty good, but so did the potato rosti: the generous serve of golden shredded potato cake is a mere $6 on its own, or $14 with salad.

14. 837FOOD 1

Soft and moist in the middle, with a crunchy outer coating and a pleasant rosemary bouquet it was great.

The pearl barley salad was something I’d not tried before, and I was completely won over with the fusion of savoury flavours with the occasional piquant tart sweetness of cranberries.

My lunch companion went for the chicken pie, a massive homemade monument of crisp, golden pastry, which was $19 with a broccoli and bacon salad.

The chicken and vegetables filling inside the delicious pastry was chunky enough to be identified individually and tasty enough to dance into the mouth.

14. 837FOOD 3

“If Melbourne modern dance group Chunky Move made pies they would be like this one,” she said, tucking in with gusto.
Where possible the cafe uses herbs and vegetables direct from the farm. Winter rains means there’s plenty at the moment, but with peak demand or hotter weather they’re sourced from the Canningvale Markets, reflecting City Farm’s ethos of ethical and organic, sourced locally as possible, co-owner Ayla Dare-Collard says.

A wander of the lush garden beds was deemed necessary before we checked out coffee and cake and we could see why our food tasted so good, it’s just so damn fresh. And with no chemicals used to combat bugs we were in awe of the pristine condition of the leafy greens.

14. 837FOOD 2

Back to home base and I couldn’t go past a chocolate and raspberry cake ($4.50). The rich, moist chocolate sweet had a delightful sharp raspberry zing, which went perfectly with a perfect long black.

Rather full from her huge lunch my mate went for a zucchini and almond cup cake ($4), a dainty and delicious morsel: “A healthier option not so much death by sugar as yours,” she said, smugly sipping a very good flat white.

14. 837FOOD 4

City Farm Cafe
1 City Farm Place, East Perth
9221 7300
open Mon–Fri 7am–3pm,
Sat 7am–noon

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