Szechwan Heaven

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Szechwan Province is known as the heavenly country, due to its rich abundance of food and natural resources. Szechwan cuisine is famous around the world as one of the four great Chinese cuisines.

Szechwan food is also famous for its deliciously spicy taste, attributed in part to the unique Szechwan pepper. The pepper carries a fragrant, citrus-like flavour which creates a pleasant tingling in the mouth. Szechwan cooking is comprised of several elements including hot, sour, salty, pungent, which means there’s plenty of garlic, chilli, ginger and soy sauce – for food that really packs a punch!

Szechwan Zen Restaurant offers superb a la carte Szechwan cuisine in the true authentic style. Open since March, the restaurant has become a must visit destination for lovers of real Szechwan food. The extensive menu offers so much choice – one visit will not be enough!

Szechwan food…famous for its deliciously spicy taste, attributed in part to the unique Szechwan pepper.

Popular dishes include Ku Pau Chicken, Spicy Braised Prawn, Stir Fried Beef Tenderloin, Szechwan Style Roasted Duck and Golden Fried Garlic Spare Ribs. There’s more unusual items for the adventurous diner such as Pan Broiled Duck Tongue with chilli and pepper corn, Fried Pork Kidney with chilli paste, or Boiled Beef Tripe with hot chilli sauce. But it’s not all about chilli and spice, there’s many dishes to enjoy without the fiery heat and plenty of tasty options for vegetarians.

“We opened the restaurant to bring real Szechwan cuisine to the diners of Perth,” said manager Bryant.

“We do have quite a lot of dishes that you cannot find in other restaurants, for example the Beer Duck, Roast Fish, Spicy Crispy Pork Hock and Honey Pumpkin. And due to popular demand, we will offer dim sum at lunchtime, starting 28 July,” he added.

For wonderful food, vibrant atmosphere and friendly service, you can’t beat a visit to Szechwan Zen.  The private dining room is very popular for business meetings, or to celebrate a special occasion in style. Open for dinner 7 days until late. Lunch currently Thur-Sun (Open for lunch 7 days from 28 July).

Szechwan Zen Chinese Restaurant
9228 8876
Shop 8 & 9, 375
William St, Northbridge

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