Meters plan for Morley

PAID parking and higher fines are on the cards for Bayswater—which covers the Morley Galleria areas—as the council conducts a review of its parking laws for the first time in 10 years.

Neighbouring Vincent, Stirling and Perth city councils all charge for parking within their boundaries.

The review will take around six months, including public consultation, and could come back before council in January.

Cr Alan Radford says it’s inevitable paid parking will be introduced: “I think it will benefit certain areas and improve access,” he says.

“For instance, in and around Bayswater railway stations and the Galleria people come from out of the city and park there all day on council-owned land.


“Meters would free up bays and enable people to park there for an hour or so and use the local shops.

“Also, if we want to build multi-storey car parks we need the funds to build them.”

Mayor Sylvan Albert is keeping tight-lipped about the likelihood of higher penalties and paid parking.

“All matters related to parking will be considered as part of the review of the local law,” he says.

“Council has made no resolution regarding the introduction of paid parking.

“The review is to ensure that the local laws in relation to parking reflect current practice and are in line with the WALGA model parking local law.”


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