Letters 30.8.14

Call them to account for accounts
RECENT revelations regarding the City of Vincent’s deficit under the previous administration (Voice, August 16 and 23, 2014) must cause residents alarm.
Especially concerning is the apparent non-disclosure to elected council members.
If this is the case it is a significant and gross oversight by those charged with the city’s administration.
The then-officers charged with maintaining due diligence over the city’s administration and finances should be now required to make a full and open disclosure as to why this matter was not placed before the elected members of the council.
Dr Iain Cameron
Knebworth Ave, Highgate 

DAPs ignoring the public
IT is another sad day for the citizens of WA when a decision made by the joint development assessment panel (not a body elected by the public) regarding a three-story development well over the regulation limit at 58 Kennedy St Maylands, ignores the decision of the City of Bayswater and the very relevant concerns of the residents regarding problems with 77-year-old sewerage pipes and the collection by Cleanaway of household rubbish because of the cul-de-sac situation and gives it the go-ahead.
The DAP was shown a scale model of the results of such an 8-metre building on a hill in a narrow suburban street, not a main road.
There could be 31 extra people in these units so what that is going to do to the problematic existing sewer system and rubbish collection and the extra vehicles in the area is a worry. This is going to change completely the area and residents opposite have already said they will have to leave as they don’t want to be looking at the high rise building across a narrow road from them—would you? Where is the consideration for residents who have loved living here for many years.
Margaret Thompson
Kennedy St, Maylands

16. 845LETTERS

Barriers a danger to trikers
BIKE barriers have been erected not just in Hyde Park (Voice, August 23, 2014) but on cycle paths throughout the metropolitan area.
Unfortunately, I am not as fortunate as Ian Ker—alas, I have a tricycle unable to manoeuvre these barriers. On cycle paths on normal pathways, I must go onto the road to ride around them and this is extremely dangerous in areas where the cycle path rises above the road surface and roads very busy (eg, Whitfords Avenue between the Eddystone Avenue lights and Craigie Leisure Centre).
Iris Bennett
Fenellia Cres, Craigie 

There’s no room for rudeness
I REFER to your report “Biff over bike lane” (Voice, July 25, 2014) on the disruption at the City of Vincent council meeting on July 22, 2014.
I was an unfortunate witness to the rude, disrespectful and disruptive behaviour displayed by the two Leederville traders and one other resident.
I don’t believe your report adequately conveyed the aggressive and hostile manner of their behaviour, which would be considered unacceptable in any home, workplace, public space, licensed premise or Leederville cafe.
Finally, the council and Vincent officers should be commended for their professional and appropriate response to this disgraceful incident.
Richard Morup
Mt Hawthorn

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