It’s all delicious to me

“GALAKTOBOUREKO”. It’s Greek for custard pie—but could just as easily be Greek for delicious.

Made with semolina, eggs, vanilla and cream it slid down my throat like silk, the taste delicate and the syrup-soaked filo pastry sweet. And at $3.50 for a generous slice it was great value.

Pranzo, on Colin Street in West Perth is the sort of place sure to be popular with office workers, and why not when Pranzo is Italian for lunch.

12. 848FOOD

My mate and I were midway between appointments when the hunger greeblies hit so we dropped in. While I dealt with an urgent work call, my friend devoured a bowl of thick, creamy vegetable soup ($9).

By the time I was free the efficient and smiling waiter had whipped away the empty bowl and was soon back with a plate of zucchini fritters and salad ($10), and a vegetable tart, also with salad ($14). The fritters were hot and moist, with a pleasant chili zing and were “very tasty,” my mate opined. The vegetable tart was a generous chunk of crisp flaky pastry, topped with poppy seeds and a deliciously savoury filling. The salad was let down by the pasta being a little too al-dente and dry, but the fresh vegetables were delightful and the home-made dressing delicious.

12. 848FOOD2

We’d ordered cake and coffee at the same time we ordered the rest of the food, and bang on time coffee and cake replaced empty plates, even through the eatery was busy and we were outside.

Pranzo is open for breakfast and there’s the usual suspects on the menu, including a variation of a big breakfast that starts at $9. The lunch menu has a couple of burgers including vegie burger and a homemade chicken schnitzel burger ($7.50), cementing Pranzo as a workers’ paradise.


79 Colin Street, West Perth | 9322 1393
open Mon–Fri for breakfast and lunch

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