Maylands comes alive

DESPITE a last-minute scare, a multi-million dollar bar and live music venue in Maylands has been given the green light by Bayswater city council.

Council staff had recommended refusal for the three-storey Lyric Lane on the grounds of insufficient parking and 103 locals signed a petition opposing the development.

It was standing room only in the  chamber as supporters of the family-run Lyric Lane turned up in a mass show of support.

At the eleventh hour, Cr Terry Kenyon tabled a revised set of conditions that was unanimously approved by council.

Lyric Lane creator Michiel de Ruyter says he is comfortable with most conditions, including a 100-person limit  between 6am and 5pm on weekdays and a cash-in-lieu payment of $110,000 for the 11-bay parking shortfall.

“I deal with lots of stressful situations in my job, but this one took the biscuit,” he says.

“I’m just relieved it eventually got through and so thankful for all the community support we received.

“We will now start looking at a detailed design for the venue and a liquor licence.”

Cr Kenyon says the venue will bring Maylands to life at night.

“This venue will make the laneways a lot safer at night and clean up all the anti-social down there,” he says.

“I’ve been down there every night at 8.45 to check the area out and everything is shut, apart from a kebab shop which I predict will do very well when this venue is built.

“This will activate under-utilised laneways and bring the area to life.”

Cr Michelle Sutherland says the venue will show that Maylands is “hip and happening”.

“There are a lot of serious musicians and artists based in Maylands,” she says.

“This will gave them a local platform to showcase their talents”

Lyric Lane is the brainchild of engineer Mr de Ruyter and his extended family, who have worked in the bar, music and cafe sector.

It will have a licensed function room in the basement— earmarked for live music and comedy—and a cafe-bar on the ground floor.

The top two floors will be used for offices and limited accommodation with a rooftop-garden.

The bar area will hold 100 people and the sound-proof basement 150.

Mr de Ruyter plans to demolish the old Speedlite bike shop, near Rifo’s on Guildford Road, and build Lyric Lane in its place. He’d like to open in spring 2016.


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