Rootsey set to retire

THE finance director who failed to spot a serious error in Vincent city council’s budget, which has left the council’s spending program in tatters, will retire in November.

Mike Rootsey has served as corporate services director for 15 years, and took over as acting CEO when John Giorgi left.

It was on Mr Rootsey’s watch that a $3.2million deficit was mistakenly transposed as a positive sum in the budget.

The council was made aware of the problem by state government employees, while Mr Rootsey was on leave.

The WA local government department has been concerned for years the council has, for at least five years, consistently forecast balanced budgets but each time ended up in significant deficit.

The council responded by deferring projects and raiding reserve accounts, which will impact future programs, and new CEO Len Kosova reviewed the council’s finances and modelling.


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