Hospital thrill seeking

ST JOHN OF GOD hospital in Mt Lawley wants more Tom Clancy and less Mills and Boon.

The hospital is starting up a patient library and is looking for volunteers to run the library and people to donate books.

So far staff have donated around 150 books, but hospital coordinator Kerrie James says they would like more books men can sink their teeth into.

“We’ve had a great response from our caregivers in the hospital, and we would really appreciate the support of the local community in donating more books,” she says.

The hospital has around 202 beds and includes a mental health ward and a recuperation ward, including stroke sufferers.

12. 850NEWS

• Ella Morton, volunteer Andrea Goudonas and Kerrie James. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

Ms James says those patients tend to stay the longest and would benefit most from the library.

“A lot of people staying at the hospital are from the country and so they don’t have family close by and tend not to get a lot of visits,” she says.

“So they love to chat with our volunteers and it gives them a big lift.

“Volunteers will not only get to help with the library but also get to socialise with patients—it’s a very rewarding experience.”

Ms James adds the hospital has around 44 volunteers, ranging from medical students to retirees.

Mt Lawley MP Michael Sutherland thinks the library is a great idea: “Patients will welcome a wide range of reading material to while away time while they are in hospital,” he says.

“I am sure that there will be no shortage of donations of good quality books and magazines to this worthy cause from the local community.”

To donate a book or volunteer contact Kerrie on 9370 9640 or


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