Only the rich to run: Macca

A PERTH and Vincent merger with no wards will mean only the rich can run for council, former Vincent mayor Alannah MacTiernan warns.

Currently councillors in Vincent campaign for election in one of two wards, each covering about 18,000 people.

If Vincent merges with Perth as one big ward, campaigning costs will skyrocket.

“It’s very difficult to stand as an independent unless you’re very cashed up,” Ms MacTiernan, now federal Labor MP for Perth, says. She reckons a three-ward system for a merged Perth and Vincent will lower costs and ensure a better spread of local representation.

“You’d have a CBD ward with a very business-intent, then you’d have a Northbridge ward up to Vincent Street, that would be more a mix of residential and commercial, then you’d have a ward north of Vincent Street that would have more people but less businesses.

“I think something like that would give a fair and proper weighting between business and residential interests, and not put it out of reach of residents to have representation.”


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