Vincent signs up for equality

VINCENT city council has proclaimed it supports marriage equality and will join the mayors for marriage equality group.

Mayor John Carey says the position is purely symbolic and will have no effect on local laws, but it represents the overwhelming community view.

Byron mayor Simon Richardson is writing to councils nationwide to join his group.

He wants to show prime minister Tony Abbott that local governments support marriage equality.

Mr Carey says 50 years ago councils might have stuck to their “roads, rates and rubbish” mantra but state and federal governments now shift all sorts of responsibilities onto councils so getting involved in issues like this is fair enough.

Vincent council was the first in WA to adopt a relationship register, and in two years more than 100 couples (both same-sex and hetero) have signed up.

It recently hit a hitch, with the council’s web page now warning “any persons wishing to use the relationship declaration [to] register for immigration purposes should note that the department of immigration has advised the City of Vincent they do not recognise the relationship declaration register as a legal document”.


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