Just, cough, spit it out

IT has a name that is undoubtedly vulgar but a new initiative in Perth has noble ambitions.

There are two rules for Fuckup Nights: First, meet someone new. Second, share a fuckup.

The events are part of a movement by an organisation called Soften the Fck Up. Under the auspices of Beyond Blue, the nights are aimed at getting people to share their vulnerabilities instead of “hardening up” and keeping it all bottled up inside, like a pressure-cooker with no valve.

Perth’s first Fuckup Night was held after-hours in a Hay Street cafe last week and was hailed a big success with nearly 100 people gathering to share their blunders.

I heard funny ones about George Costanza-esque social gaffes, sad stories about not being there when a family member died, and an awful lot of tales involving bodily fluids.

11. 858NEWS

The local night was organised by Perth-based FIFO driller Yassmin Abdel-Magied and lawyer Nicholas Van Hattem.

Ms Abdel-Magied, originally from Sudan, told us that too often blokes just clamp up.

With suicide the biggest killer of men aged 14-44, Soften the Fck Up’s motto is “we don’t need to redefine masculinity, we need to undefine it”.

The organisation wants to get rid of the stigma that talking about feelings is unmanly, and show that talking about the little stuff makes it easier to open up about the bigger stuff.

With the first night a big success, organisers are likely to hold another early next year, just in time to share your Christmas stories.


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