A turtley awesome kid

07. 859NEWS

• Jasmine Prince is off to meet the turtles. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

KYILLA primary school’s Jasmine Prince has been raising money with her scouts group to help the turtles off Lombok.

The 12-year-old’s only ever seen a turtle in an aquarium up till now, but soon she’ll join a trip to visit Bolong Turtle Sanctuary on the tiny island of Gili Meno to help the reptiles.

“When the turtles hatch they have to make it to the ocean, but it’s hard because of the strong currents on the island, the crabs and the seagulls, and the people on the island,” she says.

The sanctuary relocates green sea and loggerhead turtle eggs to the sanctuary where birds and poachers can’t get to them. They then raise the turtles till they’re big enough to make it in the wild on their own, and look after injured turtles.

The scouts have been raising money for equipment such as fishing nets and freezers to catch and store the turtles’ food. Kyilla kids raised $364 for the project at a free dress day.

Along with feeding the turtles, catching fish for the turtles to eat and scouting out nests, Jasmine and her pals will be cleaning the island to make it safer for the turtles: “They eat plastic bags,” she says, because the turtles think they’re jellyfish.

Jasmine’s been a cub and member of the Tuart Hill Yokine Scout Group for about five years all up.

One of her biggest achievements so far is a 50km walk over a weekend to earn a scout badge, lugging a pack that weighed 9kg.


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