Grunt punt

LOUD grunts and leering have been banned at Beatty Park.

New directives follow complaints last year, reported in the Voice, that women were being eyed up by sweaty muscle-men in the sauna.

A sign’s now been erected at the swim centre, reminding sauna-goers “inappropriate comments, language, topics of conversation within hearing of other members” are unacceptable.

A newsletter links the reminder to the centre’s changing demographic following its glamour revamp.

Loud gym exertions that would put Sharapova to shame have also been outlawed, with weightlifters reminded “excessive loud grunting” is not allowed while pumping iron.

Gyms around the world have been taking aim at loudly grunting bodybuilders thought to be scaring off casual gym-goers.

US-based gym chain Planet Fitness has installed “Lunk alarms” that sound a siren if someone grunts too loud, and it cancelled a bodybuilder’s membership for being too guttural during lifts.

A 1999 Texas sports science study found no increase in lifting ability from grunting, but more recent research from Drexel University shows a 10 per cent increase in force when vocalising.
Japanese martial arts also teach practitioners to let out a “kiai!” when striking in order to focus power, and similar shouts exist in Chinese and Korean arts. In kendo a swordsman is only awarded a point if the strike is accompanied by a strong shout.


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