Morley deaf to Swan song

THE Morley Action Group plans to cram into the City of Swan’s council chamber this week to protest Colin Barnett’s council amalgamations.

Under merger plans, the northern section of Morley will be carved out of Bayswater and become part of Swan.

MAG chair Eric Davies says around 500 locals have signed a petition opposing the move.

“We are working with a solicitor on preparing an submission that will be submitted to the state government next week,” he says.

“In that submission, Morley is not split in half and stays in Bayswater.

“Residents are worried about the value of their property falling, higher rates and reduced services.”

MAG’s fight hit a snag when it had to go and collect another 400 signatures after using the wrong petition form.

“It was a bit of a pain,” Mr Davies sighs.

He says that if the group loses its fight, it will try to get its people elected to the new Bayswater-Bassendean super council at the October elections.

“We have a plan B, and if that fails a plan C, which I won’t reveal at the minute,” he says.

“Suffice to say, we have a few wealthy people who are willing to fund a long-term fight.”

So far, Mr Davies says MAG has paid a solicitor thousands of dollars to help prepare a professional merger submission.

Bayswater mayor Sylvan Albert is backing the group.

“The city supports retaining the affected portion of Morley and it certainly came as a surprise when the announcement was made that we were to lose this area to the City of Swan,” he says.

“So we can understand the frustration of the residents concerned.

“The city’s own submission retained this affected portion of Morley within the City of Bayswater.”

In November, it was standing room only at Bayswater city council when Morley residents crammed the chamber to protest mergers.

Another 350 attended a protest rally in Mahogany Park and a website was created last year:


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