Better Beatty

ALRIGHT, so the geothermal heating is still a bit temperamental (Voice, January 24, 2015) but the upgrade at Beatty Park has seen a good number of wins for the centre.

Before the $17.5 million upgrade the centre was getting a bit old and tatty, a far cry from the days of the 1962 Empire Games, or when the Jackson Five moonwalked through it in 1973.

With the spruce up complete the latest numbers show that aside from the geothermal stumble, the council is saving a fair bit compared to the old water and electricity-chugging behemoth.

Energy use has halved courtesy of all the LED lights that’ve been installed (and they appear to not attract bugs, meaning your Aussie crawl isn’t interrupted by a mouthful of moth).

05. 866NEWS

Water use is down too, from about 50 litres per swimmer to 28, and the centre looks to save around $100,000 on electricity from better pool pumps and exhaust fans.

The upgrade predates CEO Len Kosova, but he says a main focus was “creating a leaner, greener facility” and the council is happy with the energy and water saving results so far.

The major failing has been the continual breakdowns of the geothermal system’s pumps, leaving the polo pool chilly.

After nine months of tepid action by senior staff, the council has called in independent auditors to figure out what went wrong and who should be chased up to fix and pay for repairs.


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