Electors allege contempt

BAYSWATER city council’s refusal to deal with 10 issues passed by the annual general meeting of electors has infuriated residents.

The council says it makes more sense to put off debate on issues including a tree register, recording of meetings and heritage status for Halliday Park till after the merger with Bassendean.

But residents’ association president Tony Green is “disgusted”: “There is not transparency,” he said.

“Ratepayers are being treated in a rude and illogical manner.

“We went to the effort of preparing all these motions and getting them tabled, only for them to be ignored.

“I told councillors and the mayor to their face how I felt after the meeting.”

Four councillors—Terry Kenyon, Chris Cornish, Mike Anderton and Martin Toldo—opposed the officers’ recommendation to delay debate on the issues until after the first elections of the merged council, likely to be October at least.

Councils are obligated to “consider” motions passed at electors’ AGMs but are under no obligation to adopt them.

Urban Tree Network member Branka Radanovich says the issues deserved debate.

“This shows a real lack of integrity and a contempt within the city for ratepayers and for all the people that turned up with great passion to put forward these recommendations forward at the AGM,” she says.

Mayor Sylvan Albert maintains the council is not “side-stepping” residents and says he understands their concerns.

“This is not a usual year, we are in the middle of a local government reform which will be finalised on July 1,” he told the Voice. “A lot of the motions were big picture stuff and we cannot commit or guarantee we will have enough staff or finances to deal with them.

“It is best to wait until after the reform and the elections when the picture will be clearer and we can deal with everything in a holistic fashion.”


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