Letters 31.1.15

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Time to grow up
I READ with interest, and more than a little disappointment, the community response (Voice, January 24, 2015) to the cover picture on your paper a couple of weeks ago.
Your editorial last week listed responses ranging from prurient to straight up sexist, and none agreeing with the right of the woman to portray herself however she wished. Well, let me be the first. Pity that attitudes in inner-city perth are so stagnant.
Universal condemnation of the photo’s publication in a “family” paper was also a surprise. Do families not have children who by the time they are 16 have viewed heavily sexualised graphic nudity of many kinds? This, despite parents’ attempt to censor this one publication whilst happy to allow access to TV, advertising and the internet, all places that children might conceivably be exposed to similarly sexualised images of female and male swimsuit and underwear models. This is no longer ’50s Australia. It’s time for “adults” to grow up.
A picture of a near-nude woman is not disgusting, immoral, reprehensible, nor a reason to apologise, and children will not be damaged by viewing said picture, but could conceivably benefit from a clear understanding that naked or near-naked bodies are natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Ensuring that children grow up without a distorted view of human sexuality might be a better use of a parents’ time than attempting to prevent such images being accessible.
As a regular reader I applaud the Voice for printing such contextually appropriate material. Please continue to do so.
David Klove
Harborne St, Wembley

866 COB 12x3

Fumbling over feet
WA’s health department exudes an excellent impression of chaos.
My life-long mobility has, one foot being considerably bigger than the other, depended on surgical shoes. I have a regular need for new shoes. This need is confirmed by an orthotist who fills in a form that I sign and is then faxed to my shoemaker who offers an appointment for a fitting.
The entire procedure starts with a prescription from my GP. In this instance, way back last October. In December I received advice, first from the Royal Perth Hospital, then from the health department and finally from the Fiona Stanley Hospital. All advised that I  am to be sent 30 days’ notice of examination by an orthotist.
I await the notice. What a blessing that my patience can always outlast my shoe leather. Without such shoes I am soon subject to adverse chain reaction from my ankle, knee, hip and spine.
Ron Willis
First Ave, Mount Lawley


Keep it up
I JUST saw your article on the front page of the paper and you mentioned you hadn’t received any support (“The Ed says,” Voice, January 24, 2015).
Well, here’s one at least!  I did read the story (“A funny thing about rape”) the previous week and thought the show sounded like a breath of fresh air and that I will most likely go see it.
It seems people are more outraged by this show which brings the issue of rape to the forefront than they are about rape itself and rapists! How backwards is that? And the exact reason shows like this are needed. Having obviously not seen the show but read your article (I wonder if many of the angry people actually did the same, or if they just saw the picture and freaked out?) it sounds perfect. “Antidote to the rise of men making rape jokes” was I believe roughly what was said and yet it is more persecuted than the people actually making the bad taste rape jokes!? You didn’t hear about any support I imagine because those like me thought it was absolutely fine and necessary so didn’t feel the need to write in.
Not to mention the woman in the photo is actually wearing more than, say, a model in a Target catalogue or in the posters down in Northbridge advertising strip/sex shows. I’m sure any children will have no more questions about the Perth Voice than those, yet this article actually contains important content unlike the other two.
I liked your column on the front page, I believe I sensed some excellently placed tongue in cheek and I am relieved you didn’t back down, but said you continue to believe in what you did. There needs to be more people like you out there.
Keep up the good work!
Zoe Barczyk
Harwood Pl, West Perth


At least one
YOU now have at least one supporter for your article and photo “A funny thing about rape” (Voice, January 17, 2015).
Your incensed correspondents (Voice Mail, January 24, 2015) fail to grasp that while rape culture permeates our airwaves and social mores, Fringe artist Adrienne Truscott is making the point that women should be able to wear what they like in public and be safe to do so.
The fact that this artist chose an exaggerated, outrageous and provocative way to make this point is what cutting edge art is about. Bravo the Perth Voice and Adrienne Truscott.
Anne Burns
York St, North Perth


Marvellous Moore
YOUR article “Come back for Moore” (Voice, January 10, 2015) demands a response.
As a regular reader of the Perth Voice, I am familiar with your idolisation of Alannah MacTiernan. However, your views should not lead you to spin stories to protect nor promote her.
To say Darryl Moore was “trounced” at the last election is patently false. The facts, as can be checked on the electoral commission website, show the swing against Labor in Perth was the biggest in the three seats Labor holds in WA.
The final result makes it difficult to understand how you can publish that the wheels fell off the Liberal campaign. Being a long-time student of numbers, I thought I’d get the facts and put them down for all to see. Ms MacTiernan polled 34,215 votes. Mr Moore polled 33,021. I wouldn’t exactly call that a “trouncing”. I’d call that damn close. Before the Greens’ preferences were distributed, Mr Moore had closed the gap considerably, increasing his vote to 35,864, only 572 behind Ms MacTiernan’s 36,436.
Labor’s winning 2PP margin was reduced from 5.88 to 4.35 per cent. That electoral performance for the Liberals was better than the other two Labor-held seats, and even better than some sitting Liberal MPs. The margin had been whittled away to its lowest since 1980. Perth is no longer Labor’s safest seat. I think Mr Moore did a sterling job out there door-knocking many thousands of local residents. They hadn’t had any attention in decades. We are always forgotten living here in a safe Labor seat. It will interesting to see what happens in 2016.
Christopher Stafford
Rookwood St, Mount Lawley

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