Wifi wipeout

A MOVE to install free wi-fi in the Morley CBD has been voted down by Bayswater city council.

Cr Chris Cornish was unhappy with his colleagues’ decision, stating the program would have been “half the cost of the mayoral dinner”.

He’d tabled the motion for the council to spend $25,000 on free wi-fi, just as Perth, Swan and Fremantle city councils have done.

“Morley is a major strategic hub and central to our vision for Bayswater,” he told the council. “The cost of the installation is very reasonable and I understand that normally it would cost around $100,000.

“For only half the cost of the mayoral dinner we could deliver something special for our ratepayers.”

Mayor Sylvan Albert said it was a “brilliant idea”, but there was no money in the budget to pay for it. “We need to revisit it when we have the funds available.”


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