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Your child will thrive at a Kidz ‘R’ Us Early Learning Centre

Research is showing more and more the importance of early learning on children’s development.

Our two family-owned centres in Mount Lawley (Forrest Street and Monmouth Street) strive to create a supportive atmosphere that is as comfortable as your home.

We offer the highest quality facilities to all families on an entirely non-discriminatory basis, and employ dedicated, committed and qualified educators.

Kids ‘R’ Us Monmouth Street have been operating so far for 15 years and love what we do so much we’ve expanded to a second centre, in Forrest Street.

Our aim is to provide young children with a caring, accepting, magical childhood where they can pursue wonder and discovery.


At Kidz ‘R’ Us children are treated as individuals who experience life at their own level. We accept every child for their uniqueness and support and nurture their physical, mental, social, environmental and spiritual needs. Children are encouraged to face new experiences and to understand it is not success or failure that is important, but trying, growing and learning.

We believe in forging strong links and encourage communication between staff and families: staff can learn from parents and parents can learn from staff. We welcome families’ involvement in our program.

Kidz ‘R’ Us is open every week of the year from Monday to Friday (except public holidays) and offer care from birth to six-years-old.

Please, if you have any questions call the centre or feel free to make an appointment where you can see the centre for yourself.

We’re proud of what we do at Kidz ‘R’ Us Early Learning Centre and we’d love to have you join us.

Kidz ‘R’ Us Child Care Early Learning Centre
66 Forrest Street, Mount Lawley
Phone 9227 8323
38 Monmouth Street, Mount Lawley
Phone 9328 5740

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