newsclips 7.3.15

Photo by Matthew Dwyer.

Photo by Matthew Dwyer.

WORKS have kicked off at Braithwaite Park to bring a nature playground to Mount Hawthorn. Nature playgrounds are intended to let kids play creatively and expose them to a wee bit of risk and scraped knees so they can learn some resilience. This one’ll have a flying fox, log-steppers, climbing net, water trough, a tunnel, a slide down an embankment, and a teepee, and it’s aimed at older kids 10-14 since tiny youngsters are already well catered for around town.

REPROBATES weeing and generally being awful in the alleyway across from 142 Murray Street led inner-city local Louise Murray to petition Perth city council to fix the place up. Along with 60 petitioners she’s asking for improvements to the laneway to discourage tomfoolery and public urination. The council’s already fixed up places like Wolf Lane and Grand Lane under the thinking that dingy places promote dingy behaviour.

THERE’S a big sausage sizzle tomorrow (Sunday March 8) as the mayor’s thank you to the Vincent community for all its help in the anti-mergers campaign. It’s at Braithwaite Park in Mt Hawthorn. Snags hit the grill at 4.30pm and then there’s a summer concert with the ‘70s sounds.

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