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HIGH heels and black suits seemed to be de rigueur at The Office on Harrogate, a trendy cafe/bar tucked in an odd corner off Southport and Cambridge Streets, West Leederville.

The place had obviously been discovered by the trendy office worker set, but the occasional flouro vest popped up at the counter with tradies and workers from construction sites grabbing coffee and croissants to go.

15. 871FOOD 1

My dining companion and I were enjoying an early catch-up over breakfast, and with a busy day ahead, figured champagne probably wasn’t a good idea, as we peeked at the wine list.

Settling down at one of the tall bar tables, which always make me feel like a kid as I swing my legs in mid-air, I took in the surrounds.

15. 871FOOD 2

The almost obligatory polished concrete and rough surfaces that make up about 90 per cent of eateries these days were in evidence, while the battered, shabby-chic metal sheets forming the counter and decorating a couple of walls reminded me of the rows of tin lockers at my old high school.

The breakfast menu has the usual suspects, including the big boss ($24) with bacon, sausage, eggs, house-made beans and roasted tomatoes, or there’s salmon and eggs with dill mascarpone, or corn fritters with poached eggs, bacon and avocado ($17.50)

15. 871FOOD 3

But the minute I spotted the coconut pancakes ($15.50) I knew they were for me. One of my gripes about pancakes is the teeny-weeny dishes of maple syrup—but not here. Soft, fluffy pancakes, which stood alone in terms of texture and taste, were already glistening with a sweet, fruity mix of berries and Greek yoghurt. And on the side was an amazingly generous serve of Canada’s favourite sap, and a dish of berry compote.

I dived in for a sugar-fix extraordinaire, only to find I was beaten by the extravagance of it all.

15. 871FOOD 4

My companion was tamer, ordering the scrambled eggs ($17.50). With grilled haloumi, roast red pepper and baba ganoush (eggplant) they were “excellent”, she opined.

A couple of good coffees and we were both well armed to face the day.

15. 871FOOD 5

The Office on Harrogate
32 Harrogate Street, West Leederville
9388 8197
Open 7 days breakfast, lunch and dinner 

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