Clubs win free rubbish

SPORTING clubs in Bayswater who lease buildings on council land will now get free rubbish removal.

Cr Alan Radford, who pushed for the move, says clubs will save more than $300 a year.

“It will help struggling clubs who already pay a lot of money for electricity and other utility bills,” he says. “Plus it will indirectly get more people exercising and off their iPads.”

Over the past decade, spiralling maintenance costs on old buildings and plummeting membership have put pressure on clubs to merge and become more self-sufficient.

In 2013, then-mayor Terry Kenyon ordered a review of bowling and tennis clubs which lease buildings from the council at subsidised—in some cases negligible—rates.

Council has since voted to drop the preparation of a report on amalgamations and closures, but has asked clubs to present finances in person each year.

The free rubbish policy will cost the city $15,000.


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