Uncharted art

ARTISTS across Perth have garages full of paintings, sculptures and other strange creations, all because they never get around to selling them.

Mt Lawley painter Sioux Tempestt says many artists are so immersed in the creative process they can neglect the more worldly side of the business and hardly ever make a buck from their work.

When she started the Uncharted Collective as a shopfront for local artists’ and artisans’ work, she had a huge response from people wanting to get their work out there: the studio opened up on Beaufort Street last week and items from 40-odd creators were represented.

Ms Tempestt, who’s spent 20 years as a graphic designer by day to support toiling on her art by night, says she had so many people keen on getting in she had to carefully curate to make sure the place retained an edgy theme.

Ms Tempestt says there are not many places for working artists to display their work, who are yet to reach Jackon Pollock prices.

• Sioux Tempestt and original local art you can get at the Beaufort Street Uncharted Collective. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

• Sioux Tempestt and original local art you can get at the Beaufort Street Uncharted Collective. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

The Beaufort Street art market further south is one such venue, which has have proved a good place for budding artists and students to sell wares on the weekend and some are making a great trade there, but it’s only on once a month.

Many artists Ms Tempestt has on board are Perth locals but there’s also a few from the country, where it’s especially hard to get pieces on display for sale: country artists can find themselves out of luck if the Quairading hall committee won’t hang paintings because there’s a boob on display.

“There’s some fantastic stuff out there [in the country],” Ms Tempestt says. “Some of them are self-taught, and a lot of artists are completely overqualified, so you get mix of both.”

And while there’s a bit of divide in the arts community over whether you can be an “artist” if you don’t have a degree in fine arts, Ms Tempestt says for her collective it’s not relevant and you don’t have to present a degree to get some shelf space.

Once she’s settled in, Ms Tempestt wants to hold art workshops in the space, and you can keep an eye on that at http://www.facebook.com/UnchartedCollective


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