Yirra Yaakin calls ‘action!’

WHILE Aboriginal actors occasionally make it onto our TVs and movie screens, Aboriginal producers and directors on the other side of the camera are even more rare.

Murray Street-based Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company’s looking to change that, launching a crowdfunding campaign to get young trainees Shakara Walley and Ian Wilkes into a 12-month program so they can be the next generation’s auteurs.

“There is a shortage of Aboriginal people in leadership roles in the areas of producing, directing, production and project management,” Yirra Yaakin’s artistic director Kyle Morrison says.

• Ian Wilkes and Shakara Walley want to achieve leadership roles in film.

• Ian Wilkes and Shakara Walley want to achieve leadership roles in film.

Crowdfunding involves asking public for cash to get a project off the ground. Originally used to source cash for tech start-ups it’s increasingly used by underfunded sectors, and even schools (North Perth primary crowdfunded new play equipment).

Yirra Yaakin’s asking the public for $10,000, and every buck gets matched by Creative Partnership’s Australia.

“Our current resources are stretched to the limit as we struggle to maintain our core programs,” Mr Morrison says.

“We are reaching out to the community and asking them to join us in supporting Shakara and Ian so they have the opportunity to achieve at the highest level. They represent the next level of Aboriginal arts leadership, they are our future.”

Their page is at http://www.pozible.com/project/193834 and so far they’ve got around $1000 with the campaign wrapping up May 28.


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