PCC 2-up

ANOTHER increase in fees is on the way for motorists parking in the City of Perth.

Don’t blame us, the council says: blame Colin Barnett.

Parking charges are now getting so high the PCC is reporting a drop in patronage but that’s not stopping it from wanting to push through more hikes.

If the plan goes through at Tuesday’s meeting, anyone parking on the street will soon find there’s a $2 minimum to add to the cost of their quick takeaway cappuccino, plus a 10 cents per hour increase. Short-term parking’s also heading up three per cent.

The state government charges the council a fee for every bay in the city—which is all supposed to be spent on local public transport—and this year that charge soared by nearly 22 per cent.

The PCC says it has to keep raising fees to stop the levy eating into its budget but the higher fees are now resulting in patronage drops. The PCC’s haul from parking was $5 million less than expected this year.

Council staffers plan to have a stern chat with Treasury and planning officials about the skyrocketing slug, but with the government strapped for cash they’re unlikely to get a sympathetic ear.

PCC carparks remain cheaper than Wilson’s.


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