Saved by Spud

SPUDSHED is set to open a massive new superstore in the ailing Coventry Village in Morley.

The potato giant has submitted a development application with Bayswater city council for a 3519sqm outlet.

The plan involves amalgamating seven existing shops and a children’s playground into one store.

According to council officers, Spudshed owner Tony Galati “intends” to relocate the playground to another site within the village if his application is approved.

Big drawcard

Mayor Sylvan Albert says Coventry Village struggles to attract customers and needs a “big drawcard” like Spudshed.

04. 878NEWS

• Coventry Village now—soon to be full of potatoes.

“I think this would bring people to the village and help the smaller shops who are also there,” he says.

“It would create more foot traffic and the smaller vendors would benefit from that as well: there would be a trickle-down effect.

“A centre needs a mix of big flagship stores and smaller shops to attract people.”

The plan ties in with the council’s Morley masterplan, which aims to transform the area into a “strategic metropolitan centre”.

Spudshed is also looking at adding a wholesale/retail outlet to its Hines Road distribution centre in O’Connor.

The application comes before Bayswater city council later this month.


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