NSW artist cracks PICA award

AN artist from NSW has beat out local competition to win the $35,000 Harold Schenberg art prize at PICA’s Hatched national graduate show.

Andrew Styan’s piece The Bell Buoy featured a rotating hunk of coal filmed live and projected into the gallery resembled “a hyper-realistic asteroid looming ever closer,” a comment on humanity’s impact on the climate.

It was a characteristically peculiar haul of artwork at PICA’s Hatched this year, with Louise Morgan’s work Symptoms seeing more than 1000 tiny paper skeletons crawling the walls to document mass extinction and Kara Baldwin’s robot dogs crawling around drawing insane pictures with textas taped to their tails.

The Voice’s favourite was Dominic Byrne’s video of a viscerally repulsive skeletal figure spitting crimson fluid and yelling “I hate my guts!” at fearful punters as they reached the top of the stairs.

Hatched is on at PICA, 51 James Street, until June 21.


880 FCO 20x3.5

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