Permanent piazza a step closer

THE Mary Street Piazza plan is full steam ahead, with Vincent council choosing a final plan for the open relaxation area on the Beaufort Street strip.

Dean Cracknell from the Beaufort Street Network said it was just what the area needed: the place has plenty of good bars, restaurants and shops, but scant few public places to meet and relax.

11. 880NEWS

• A concept for the Mary Street Piazza.

During a trial mock-up in the space last year it was wildly popular, with 302 people putting in their thoughts and 87 per cent giving it the thumbs up.

Ex-councillor Dudley Maier, who came up with the idea when he was on council, said the council should do another round of consultation to see if the public likes the final design (as it did with the Newcastle Street piazza) instead of just steamrolling ahead with what councillors like. He said good new ideas could come out of it.

But Mayor John Carey said all that would achieve is the same old argument about car spaces versus people spaces, and that debate had already been had.


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