LETTERS 4.7.15

Design puzzle
I AM puzzled by Andrew Main’s comments about the City of Vincent’s design advisory committee (“Designs on transparency,” Voice Mail, June 13, 2015).
The DAC was set up in 2011 to provide professional advice on larger development proposals in the City of Vincent.
The committee is made up of design professionals, including architects and landscape architects. These people are ready to give their time and experience to improve the quality of developments in Vincent, which will surely benefit the whole community into the future.
The committee does not approve nor refuse developments, it makes suggestions on how they can be improved. The application can then be revised before being submitted for the usual process of advertising for neighbour comment prior to being submitted to the city for approval.
Under the Barnett government’s planning changes, larger developments are submitted to a development assessment panel (DAP) for approval. No DAC member is involved in discussions on a development in which they are professionally involved.
The minutes of the DAC are published each month in the council information bulletin, an attachment to the council agenda/minutes. These can be downloaded from the city’s website.
I applaud the City of Vincent for setting up the DAC and the professionals who serve upon it for giving up their time for the betterment of our community.
Sally Lake
Chatsworth Rd, Highgate

Stop putting the boot into Wellington
I WAS both amazed and amused to read the letter from Michael Sutherland (Voice, June 6, 2015).
The core of his motivation was “constant reports from locals” regarding anti-social behaviour, from both business and residential sources.
It amazed me because I have been closely involved with the public reserve in question for more than 15 years.
Since last winter the situation mentioned in Mr Sutherland’s list of complaints, which did exist for many of those years, has been resolved to most of the neighbourhood’s satisfaction.
I was amused because in all those years on Perth city council Mr Sutherland showed little interest. I well remember approaching him regarding the situation in Wellington Square at that time and he replied it was a police matter. His state parliament colleague, Eleni Evangel, has also spoken out on this issue recently. I would respectfully advise both that grandstanding achieves little on the ground: listen to your wider community, not just some ginger groups that may lobby you.
A few weeks back I met with a Voice reporter at Wellington Square and the transformation from what had existed for many years was noted. There was almost total absence of alcohol being publicly consumed by large groups, the root cause of much of the anti-social behaviour.
I know for a fact that in January of 2012, the lord mayor had a meeting with the police commissioner on the situation in Wellington Square. From that time a new, unobtrusive policing regime was introduced that greatly reduced the general anti-social behaviour. The lord mayor also used her office to contact various government agencies to assist in what had grown into a complex issue.
Although the recipient of some criticism for not solving the neighbourhood issue immediately, the City of Perth had little power to address the many various components contributing. It was through those meetings the lord mayor had quiet, methodical negotiation with the many agencies needed to finally bring about a satisfactory solution.
TJ Maller
Goderich St, East Perth

Care more
HOMELESSNESS, that debilitating and isolating experience, is rising. There is no doubt about that. The reality, however, is that every city in the world has homelessness. Perhaps we have forgotten that homeless people have a right to the city.
I have voluntarily experienced homelessness twice. Both times it was noticeable that homelessness was aggressively unwanted in Perth. But we all have a duty to help homeless people out of their plight—to overcome this community issue the entire community, business, government and individuals, need to step up. Band-aid solutions and move-on notices enflame our frictions.
Conrad Liveris
Co-founder, Street Smugglers

Woman power across Perth
GUDONYER Catherine Ehrhardt for challenging the mayor of Bayswater (Voice, June 27, 2015). It’s another welcome step toward lifting WA local government out of its male medieval mire.
With a majority of women on more councils there will be different and healthier attitudes brought about in our communities. One only needs to look at re-invented City of Perth since the dynamic Lisa Scaffidi won the top job. Come on girls. Be inspired. Appreciate the Scaffidi role model. Step up and accept the challenge.
Ron Willis
First Ave, Mt Lawley

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