LETTERS 25.7.15

Cornish congrats
CONGRATULATIONS Cr Chris Cornish on your willingness to address contemporary issues of concern to the community and the drive to bring them to a successful resolution (Voice, June 27, 2015).
I refer to the greening of Bayswater, the establishment of community gardens, acknowledgement of the First Australians and more recently the use of apps to expedite repairs to footpaths, graffiti etc; a very “smart” idea.
Thanks also go to councillors who supported these motions. Cr Terry Kenyon’s amendment to the town planning scheme to ban large discount liquor barns from residential areas will be applauded by the Maylands community which has suffered alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour for too many years. ‘Onya’ COB!
Jan Wheare

Community before concrete
I AM so incensed at what has been told to the media and others regarding conversations people held with Roger Stephens (of WA Premix) in May whilst cameras were rolling in the park on the subject of opposition to the proposed concrete plant on Collier Road.
In my opinion, the claims of what was said is just as concerning as the vandalism. Roger was treated with the utmost courtesy by all the community during their discussions with him in the park, regarding the dust emissions, etc. No rudeness from any member of the community, just an explanation of the community protestation.
For Roger Stephens to slant vandalism allegations towards the protestors is mischievous and he needs to either apologise publicly or send a letter rescinding the claim.
On top of this, we have a mayor who jumped up and down about the vandalism alongside the concrete people.
Mr Mayor, where were you during all the times of community protestation, and indeed, where was central ward councillor Michael Sabatino? It seems no words and no backbone has been shown in support of the community suffering the dust dilemmas, and soon this may be compounded with another dust emitter.
I’ve searched through various radio stations, TV news items, articles, but no news from our mayor. Unless he’s saying something patronising and generalising, and even that is few and far between.
Mr Mayor, where were you when the neighbour’s letterbox was bombed on election night? Where were you when all the tyres of a party here were slashed on another election night? Where were you when a goat’s head was thrown over my garden gate? Not one word to the rangers from you and no public condemnation!
Where’s your loyalty to the community suffering here? But you jumped up and down for the concrete club!
Sally Palmer
McGilvray Ave, Noranda

No proof big is better
IN response to Gary Clyne’s letter (Voice Mail, July 11, 2015) I agree it is true the “philosophy behind the amalgamation process…was to achieve greater efficiencies of scale, and as a result, to keep rates down”.
Unfortunately, the state government failed to provide any evidence this would occur. “Large” simply does not equate to lower rates, as evidenced by the significantly larger City of Swan imposing higher rates (as determined by cents per GRV) than the smaller City of Bayswater, or indeed the Town of Bassendean.
I also agree with Mr Clyne that what “big” does give residents is the very thing Mr Clyne laments about the City of Stirling, namely that the smaller City of Bayswater is “more innovative and customer-serviced than Stirling”.
As such, I maintain my opposition to the full-throttled eagerness to spend ratepayer funds in order to deliver the state government’s agenda. And, I maintain that the actual ratepayers in Bayswater should have been consulted prior to more than a million dollars being wasted.
Catherine Ehrhardt
Railway Pde, Maylands


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