In the hot seat

MAYLANDS Labor MP Lisa Baker will find it tougher to hold her seat following proposed changes to electoral boundaries.

Under a WA electoral commission proposal, portions of Dianella will come into Maylands while Inglewood comes out.

ABC electoral guru Antony Green reckons Labor’s safety margin will fall from 3.1 to 1.9 per cent.

Ms Baker is unfazed and says it’s early days: “The people in my electorate know they can trust me to work with them on issues and they understand my passion for this community. If Dianella becomes part of Maylands electorate I will welcome them and work for them too,” she says.

“I’ll be analysing the data and then decide if I make a submission.”

While Sylvan Albert, Ms Baker’s Liberal opponent at the last election, has boosted his profile by becoming Bayswater mayor he isn’t saying whether he can be tempted to run again.

“I haven’t even thought about it,” he says. “Right now, my focus is on getting re-elected in the council elections later this year.”

In neighbouring Mt Lawley the Liberal margin drops from 9.4 to 8 per cent—which should be high enough to keep Michael Sutherland sleeping soundly at night.

“The changes made to cut a part of Dianella out of the seat and put the whole of Inglewood into the seat was a surprise,” the MP mused.

In Perth, Eleni Evangel’s grip on the once-Labor stronghold improves a smidge, the margin shifting from 2.6 to 2.8 per cent.

That’s because she loses a bunch of Labor and Greens voting constituents in the suburb of Mt Lawley to Mr Sutherland.

The proposal sees voters in Vincent split between Ms Evangel and Mr Sutherland.

MPs can submit objections to the proposals till August 24. Boundary changes are required every few years to ensure population changes do not result in huge variations between the number of voters in each seat.


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