No more Monkey magic

BEAUFORT STREET’S beloved jewellery and fashion store Behind the Monkey is closing.

When the Voice visited this week one customer after another came into the store to wish operator Brody MacLeod all the best or to express regret.

Ms MacLeod says it’s sad to say goodbye, but it’s not a sad story: she’s not closing because of high rents or a grouchy landlord—noting the Monkey’s rents are reasonable and the landlord’s a top bloke)—but because she wants to focus on other projects and because retail’s pretty wobbly.

10. 893NEWS

• Brody MacLeod is closing up shop this month. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

“We’re not leaving on a bad note, there’s not one particular reason, it’s just time for a change,” she says. As a jewellery designer she’ll keep working on her label Anonymous of 379 (named for the ancient astronomer).

“It’s been really overwhelming, the number of people coming forward and wishing us love,” she smiles.

The store’s been open eight years, with Ms MacLeod having taken it over from mum Elaine at 22.

While she will take some time off to focus on getting her brand out there (it’s already in five local stockists), she says she’d like to come back to retail when the landscape settles down a bit.

Disclosure: This reporter buys all his Valentine’s Day presents here and is pretty much buggered now.



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