Sponsor drought killing theatre

PERTH Theatre Company has cancelled the next two productions in its 2015 season and is “reviewing operations”.

On Wednesday morning customers trying to buy tickets to Of Mice and Men (starring Hollywood’s Jai Courtney) and yourseven were met with a dead link.

Shortly afterwards a press release was issued announcing “PTC has been reviewing operations in light of a significantly lower than expected corporate and sponsorship support, the latter perhaps being symptomatic of a slowing economy in WA.

“The company has concluded that without significant corporate support, the program is unable to be presented.”

“Unfortunately sales in 2015 have not grown as anticipated, and with corporate sponsorship well below set targets” the company can’t afford to put on the two shows, and ticket holders will be fully refunded. PTC chair Saliba Sassine says without major sponsors “the financial risk of proceeding far outweighed the potential benefits”.

“The board decided it was imperative not to risk the company which will continue to operate. The challenge now is to not lose the vibrancy and energy that has been generated and to review strategic operations to allow PTC to continue as a sustainable theatre company.”

Both productions were to be staged at the state theatre centre, known to local industry types as having high production costs for smaller operators. In 2011 local playwright John Aitken staged a season of The Enchanters there, but costs were so high that, despite solid ticket sales and good reviews, he ended up having to sell his unit. Actors organised a fundraiser to help him stay on his feet.


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