Shaking up Sleepytown

MORE late night food options are needed for Perth to fight its reputation as an asleep-by-nine city, Perth councillor James Limnios says.

This week the council approved continuing the food truck trial until next May to keep testing it out.

Right now the trucks must shut at 10pm in most places, and in only one spot in Northbridge can they stay open until 2am.

Cr Limnios says they ought to be open for the late night crowd that spills out of bars and clubs. Some bars close at 2am and clubs close at 4am so by the time patrons stumble out the food trucks are long-gone.

“Perth is seen as a place where if you haven’t ordered your food by 8.30pm, see you later, the kitchen shuts at 10pm.”

“Two am is too early to pack up and go,” he says, and he wants more flexibility.

Cr Rob Butler says the food truck trial has received “overwhelmingly positive feedback” and the only downside is the four-month first trial hasn’t been long enough to iron out all the wrinkles.

City staff say they’ve received “isolated grievances” from four business owners concerned about competition with the trucks, which must park at least 50m from established food or beverage shops.


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