Tart your engine

WIND may have rattled the cafe blinds at Tarts in Northbridge but we were snug as proverbial bugs in a rug, enjoying the wild weather over a lovely lunch.

We’d already checked out the tempting array of gifts and jewelry on sale inside, but it was the cakes that had us salivating — row upon row, each more delicious looking than the last.

Complaints to the chef about too much choice drew a stern rebuke.

896FOOD 4

“You’ll have to come back every day and try another one,” he growled, adding another truffle cake to a tray.

But I’m getting ahead of myself: sipping on a couple of fresh squeezed juices ($6.90) we perused the menu to decide on a savoury course.

My companion ordered the salt and pepper squid ($17.50), which arrived in a fun paper cone, with a delicious salad on the side, and a house-made aioli.

896FOOD 2

“It’s the most tender squid I have ever tasted,” she gushed of the melt-in-the-mouth morsels.

I was mesmerised by the huge quiche sitting on the display cabinet in all its splendour. The slab arriving at the table was the size of a semi-trailer and packed with spinach, fetta and sundried tomatoes, ($17.50) and to my shame I confess to polishing off every last morsel — and the salad.

Back to the cakes and my mate thought long and hard between a slice of a mountainous apple pie — or the smaller, rustic-looking individual serve

896FOOD 3

She reasoned there would, proportionally, be more pastry to the smaller pie ($6.80), which given how good the pastry tasted was a good plan.

“It’s simple, like your grandmother makes,” she said.

“Truffle cake, mmmm,” I intoned, gazing in awe at the rich chocolate morsel ($6.80) in front of me.

896FOOD 1

Cake is a misnomer, as this was chocolate mousse covered in chocolate ganache, and I can safely say not a single smudge of either remained. It’s ok to lick the plate in public, right?

A couple of great coffees, and no matter the weather, we were set for the rest of the day.


Tarts Cafe
212 Lake Street, Northbridge
9328 6607
open 7am–5pm 7 days,
and for dinner Thurs–Fri

896 Golden Ravioli 10x3 896 Estia 9x2.3 896 A Fish Called Inglewood 9x2.3 896 Terrace Hotel 9x2.3

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