Heritage win

REJECTION by the powerful state administrative tribunal of a seven-unit development will help safeguard local heritage says the Mount Lawley Society.

Developer Sabby Pizzolante had appealed to the SAT after Stirling council rejected his application for a two-storey complex on Central Avenue, inside the city’s heritage protection zone.

“…if such a precedence was established it could in time, substantially compromise the significance of the locality,” the SAT noted in its report. “This development would have been the first two-storey dwelling to directly front Central Ave, and as such the heritage guidelines could not be compromised.”

• A relieved Regan Whitby and his faithful companion “TJ”. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

• A relieved Regan Whitby and his faithful companion “TJ”. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

Relieved neighbour Regan Whitby said he would have tried to sell if the project was approved because balconies would have looked directly into his back garden: “This sends a message to the residents of the area that inappropriate developments  can be successfully challenged,” he says. “And that the ‘character retention guidelines’ for the area must be carefully considered by developers.

“Infill development, although necessary, should be balanced with developments that contribute to the heritage and character value of our locality.”

Society member Tim Hammond believes the precinct’s character had hung in the balance: “In a case like this, the proposed development would have changed the streetscape dramatically and profoundly affected the amenity of the neighbourhood,” he says. “It is ludicrous to think that someone could simply drop in a seven-dwelling development in the middle of Central Avenue and expect life to go on as normal for the community.”

Mr Pizzolante argued his project involved demolishing a 1960s-era house next to the busy Clifton Crescent intersection and replacing it with a building with federation features.


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