Albert nose it’s dirty this year

TOILET seats and clown noses have been used to deface around 30 of Bayswater mayor Sylvan Albert’s campaign posters, in a council election he has described as “the dirtiest ever”.

Cr Albert is seeking re-election in south ward on October 17, but is being challenged by local markets guru Catherine Ehrhardt.

“I have no idea who is responsible for this,” Ms Ehrhardt says.

“I’m running a respectable campaign and do not condone this type of behaviour.”

Cr Albert says he’s submitted to the police footage of vandals defacing his posters in Maylands.

“This is the fourth local government election that I have run and this is the first election where I am experiencing this type of mischievous and bullying behaviour,” he told the Voice.

• Bayswater mayor Sylvan Albert, with some of his defaced posters, says this is the dirtiest election campaign he’s been in. Photo supplied

• Bayswater mayor Sylvan Albert, with some of his defaced posters, says this is the dirtiest election campaign he’s been in. Photo supplied

“It shows a lack of respect for our community’s democratic right to be informed, vote and run for positions such as local government.

“There has been a lot of work that has gone into defacing these posters.

“Because this is not the first time this has occurred in this election, the police are now looking into this matter.”

Cr Albert says some posters were ripped off the wall. He was unable to estimate how much it’s all cost him.

Some posters sporting clown noses are below adverts for Joseph Ashton circus, which previously brought its big top to Bayswater.

Mr Ashton says the red noses are not a marketing stunt.

“[I] had no idea about that,” he says.

“If we were going to put clown noses on local councillors, we would target Fremantle, as most of them are a bunch of clowns, who could quite easily get a job here.”

Cr Albert says the vandalism will not deter him. “I will continue fighting for the community and our democratic rights, as democracy should always be upheld,” he says.


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8 responses to “Albert nose it’s dirty this year

  1. LOL, of course this sniveling turkey would go to the police. Perhaps Sylvan should focus on determining why he’s on the nose with the locals (pun intended!) and fixing that, rather than deleting comments from his Facebook page and having a sooky la la to the police and the papers.

  2. Great photo! it looks like he’s dropped his juggling balls!
    Maybe that could have been an alternative headline …..
    Sylvan Albert drops the ball(s) in Maylands!

  3. “Bullying “ “Dirty Campaign“ mmm. A big stretch. This is obviously quite immature and likely the work of juveniles.
    I remember similar antics occurred during the State and Federal elections when Sylvan Albert and Darrel Moore were running their campaigns for the Liberal Party from this site. He shouldn’t be surprised, putting campaign materials on all these abandoned sites are always going to attract this kind of treatment. He really should reconsider his approach when presenting his election material.
    I think Mayor Albert is being a little bit sensitive and should show a little bit of the fortitude required to take on a public office.

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