Raising the unconscious plane

TWENTY years after The Edges of Twilight propelled Canada’s The Tea Party to international fame they’re back down under, kicking off an Australia anniversary tour in Perth.

Instruments from around the world gave the album a world music flavour, which hit a cord in 1995, and it stayed in the top 20 for more than 18 weeks–and went platinum.

The deep pumping sounds add to the edginess of lyrics that are at times spiritual — and accompanied by Perth artist Robert Buratti’s esoteric paintings and videos they’ll be raised to another plane for the tour. “I channelled unconscious images that came to me when listening to the music,” he says.

“It lends…importance and depth, it would be a shame if it was just a gig.”


Lead singer Jeff Burrows lived at Buratti’s North Freo studio some years back and the pair formed a friendship over music, art and Thelema, a philosophy and religion developed in the early 1900s by Aleister Crowley.

Buratti’s art is liberally mixed with Thelema’s Egyptian iconography, particularly a pyramid topped with the eye of the god Horus (which is also on the US dollar note).

The Edges of Twilight cover featured sculptor William Westmore’s Fallen Angel, and Buratti has drawn on this in 12 artworks for the album’s 12 songs.  And also tossed a bit of Hinduism into the overtly mediaeval tombstone imagery in his vibrant works.

Video of the artworks will accompany the songs on the theatre’s big screen.

Touring Canada to rave reviews The Tea Party hits Aussie shores next month, and  Buratti will be going along: “I get to live out my rock star dreams,” the “quasi” guitarist jokes.

The Edge of Twilight tour is on November 9, Astor Theatre, Mt Lawley. Tix at astortheatreperth.com.au or ticketek.com.au


Oxford Hotel 20x3

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