Be good and give it back

WHO would steal from a good looking man?

Local craftsman Andrew Christie, who runs the unique furniture business A Good Looking Man and who built a lot of the cool unorthodox parklets around Vincent, had a drydocked boat set up in the Pleasure Garden as a curio but visitors have been nicking bits from it left and right.

12. 921NEWS

“So far most everything has been stolen from my boat in the Pleasure Garden,” he sighs online. “Trombones, lamps, vases, blankets, and most recently the steering wheel and prized portrait of @thecrowl.

“People do dumbo things when they’re drunk so it’s not such a biggie but if you have any of my bits could you slip them back before the close of [Fringe]? Total amnesty and I’ll slip you a six pack for doing the right thing.”

A couple of pieces were recovered from Fringe’s security team, who’d come across them and held them for safekeeping. It’s all closed up now so if you do find a ships wheel tucked in your mate’s back pocket, best to try A Good Looking Man Facebook page for a safe return.


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