Confused fines cancelled

DOZENS of residents wrongly fined by Vincent parking rangers have had penalties cancelled after the council conceded its rules were confusing.

Parking can be a nightmare around Perth Oval and residents have traditionally had parking permits.

A letter went out last year letting residents know about changes, but most couldn’t make heads nor tails of it, and didn’t realise they had to update to new permits.

On January 9 rangers hit Harley Street, issuing 15 fines for people still displaying the old permit, at $95 a whack.

The next weekend 18 more were fined in surrounding streets for the same reason.

The comedy of errors continued when the council sent out letters saying it had “enclosed an application for new permits”. In some cases the application wasn’t included.

Vincent CEO Len Kosova says “unfortunately the city’s letter caused confusion and led some residents [to] believe the ‘nib Stadium permits’ were still valid, but they weren’t”.

“Another lot of letters had to go out giving people temporary permits and including applications for permanent ones.”


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