Corner store reborn

ONCE the life-blood of the suburbs, many of Perth’s old delis — those treasure troves of lolly bags, Twin Poles, Winnie Reds and Coke in glass bottles — have disappeared. A mere handful survive as shops while some have been reborn as hip cafes.

One such is the Hobart Deli.

With a lovely park across the road I’m betting this is a favourite of North Perth young mums, but when a friend and I dropped in the mercury was hitting 40 and only mad dogs and crazy reporters were out in the midday sun.

Gasping for something long and cool, a couple of juices — coconut water, pineapple and lime — were ordered ($7.50), and my lawd didn’t they hit the spot, icy cold, sweet and sharp they disappeared in record time leaving the tongue feeling fresh and ready for food.

16. 921FOOD 2

With a cabinet full of enticing options I passed on the menu items and ordered a chickpea and pumpkin pattie ($16.90 with salad). The huge house-made pattie was delicious and topped by a tangy beetroot and walnut pesto. The cauliflower and quinoa salad was peppery, flavoured with Indian spices.

Having eyed off the house-made cajun lamb sausage rolls, my mate came down on the side of a beef wrap and salad ($16.90) and was well chuffed.

“It’s crunchy on the outside and moist inside, with a perfect balance of meat, cheese and greens,” he opined.

16. 921FOOD 1

Despite the heat we couldn’t miss out trying the coffee, which I’d heard good reports of. Rumour didn’t miss the mark and my long black and mate’s flat white were fantastic.

Rich and mellow they were the perfect foil for a couple of slices of house-made cake, a pistachio and cardamon and a lemon thyme and yoghurt ($6.90). Both were moist and the flavours subtle which didn’t overload the taste buds with a sugar rush. But it was time to hit the road so with a last look around the funky decor, and crowded shelf of old tonker toys we departed into the furnace.

I did spare a look at the funky boutique next door, which sells a great range of fair-trade gear, mostly from Africa. Next time.

16. 921FOOD 3


Hobart Deli
45 Hobart Street, North Perth
9444 8686
open 7am–5pm Mon–Fri
and till 4pm Sat & Sun

921 Drip Expresso 9x2.3

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