Friends call for lakes

BUNGANA and Brearley Lakes in Maylands are in such poor condition the wildlife is disappearing, say residents.

Councillor Christine Ehrhardt says locals have brought their concerns to her about the recent loss of turtles, fish and birds, and she wants action pronto.

The lakes were artificially created on clay pits filled from the Swan River, mainly as a stop-over for the red-necked stint, which migrates from Siberia.

Bayswater council started monitoring water quality about a year ago after complaints from residents. Results showed high levels of toxic algae and nitrogen.

Fertilisers and other pollutants – even chlorinated swimming pool water – are making their way into drains and straight into the lakes (“Maylands water woes,” Voice, February 27, 2016).

Cr Ehrhardt will be holding a public meeting on April 10 to raise awareness of the issue.

She wants to form a Friends of the Maylands Lakes to look after the lakes and pressure the council into action.

Cr Ehrhardt says the council is working on a long-term solution including bio-filters to treat the storm water, planting floating wetlands to attract birds and dredging the lakes to remove the nutrient build-up within the clay sediment.

“The good news is that the water quality testing has also been showing a good amount of aquatic macroinvertebrates which live in the water and included creatures like insects in their larval or nymph form, worms, snails and crustaceans.

“These creatures have an important role in ensuring our ecosystem is healthy, and are also a wonderful food source for other animals including frogs and birds,” Cr Ehrhardt says.


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