Leftovers for Baysy

BAYSWATER railway station will get a facelift using money left over from the Forrestfield Airport Link, transport minister Dean Nalder says.

Community group the Baysie Rollers met with Mr Nalder and Bayswater council deputy mayor Stephanie Coates recently to get an update on the works.

The rollers had been pushing for the upgrade of the station to be included in the link’s budget this year

The FAL will connect Forrestfield to the Midland line near Bayswater via a tunnel. It promises to make the trip from Perth CBD to the airport five minutes faster than by car and without the hassle.

At the meeting Mr Nalder acknowledged Baysie station needs an upgrade but said he wouldn’t go over the project’s $2 billion budget.

However, he agreed to use any left over money to give the station a small facelift with chances of bigger improvements in the future.

Baysie rollers chairman Scott Adams feels optimistic that “something will happen” even if it’s not “a massive upgrade” and reckons the station needs more shelter, better security, public toilets, an integrated train-bus interchange and improved bike lanes.

Bayswater council will vote this week whether to hold public consultation about the upgrade.


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