A little law of horrors

VINCENT council will consider writing to the WA government pleading for new laws that can help it address “nuisance or dangerous trees” on private property.

The council gets peppered with “numerous requests on a weekly basis” about leaves and branches falling over fences, invasive roots tearing up fences, fire hazards from shedded bark, seeds and leaf litter falling into gutters.

Because it’s treated as a civil matter the council can’t do anything to enforce a crappy neighbour to attend to their nuisance tree, and is only allowed to step in (after a tortuous process) when the tree presents an “immediate danger”.

Cr Josh Topelberg asked council staff to look into a new law to manage nuisance trees but they cautioned against that path, saying the state parliament will probably disallow it.

Instead, the council is most likely going to write to WA local government minister Tony Simpson imploring him to follow the lead of other states and develop new state laws to deal with nuisance trees.


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