LAST week’s front page story “Gran sues over asbestos mess” contained several inaccuracies. Dawn Taylor was not fined $12,000 by Bayswater council, but was issued a work order to clean the mess left by others who removed a shed from a property she was managing. She does faces penalties if she doesn’t comply but they are significantly lower than what was published.

Ms Taylor was quoted calling council staff idiots for approving demolition without checking she’d given permission: while angry about that decision, Ms Taylor says the description had been aimed at whomever it was who left uncovered asbestos in the backyard, as well as the generally increasing number of idiots “everywhere”.

Ms Taylor’s son Neil returned from Queensland several years ago, not “recently” as we’d reported (but had not been living at the Aughton Street house). The Voice apologises to readers for the errors.


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