Darryl’s up for moore

DARRYL MOORE has put his hand up for another tilt as the federal Liberal candidate for Perth.

The woman who beat him in 2013 says she’d love to see him win pre-selection, even though she won’t be facing him this time around.

Alannah MacTiernan held off Mr Moore to retain Perth for Labor following Stephen Smith’s retirement.

Having served just one term Ms MacTiernan has decided to call it a day. Labor’s candidate will be lawyer Tim Hammond.

“I’d really be looking forward to Darryl coming back for a second round,” Ms MacTiernan says. “I think that would add a lot of entertainment to the campaign.”

For months after the 2013 election the Voice continued to receive letters from Mr Moore, criticising Ms MacTiernan’s performance.

“I just thought it was extraordinary the degree to which he behaved in such a personal way and was unable to accept the result,” the MP says.

Liberal party rules prevent preselection candidates from speaking publicly.

The Voice understands Mr Moore faces competition for preselection from Oxford University researcher and former World Economic Forum executive Trudi Lang, real estate developer Leona Gu and Jeremy Quinn.

The candidate is expected to be announced at the Liberals’ state council on April 9.


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