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THE worldwide trend of grown-ups colouring in has hit Bayswater public library, as Sr Ruth Aney discovered last week. While it’s a bit of fun, there’s good science behind the therapeutic benefits of adult colouring and other art therapies, helping with focus and cutting down on anxiety, and colouring even sees changes in heart rate and brain waves. Doing art, instead of just observing it, also better helps people replace negative thoughts and images with pleasant ones according to Uni of NSW research. Other things coming up at the library include a tutorial on using smartphone apps. Keep track of them at

• Sioux Tempestt and her work Interrelation. Photo by Steve Grant

• Sioux Tempestt and her work Interrelation. Photo by Steve Grant

THE grey surrounds of the CBD have had a bit of a lightening up, with peculiar artist Sioux Tempestt splashing her abstract artwork about with an installation called Interrelation. She usually runs the Uncharted Collective in Mt Lawley, curating unusual works from local artists and has previously held a solo show about all the famous characters she’s loved, like Dexter and Frank Underwood, and a colouring book for grown-ups (that’s properly for grown-ups—it’s chock full of swear words) and now her stuff is amidst the Terrace suits at the corner at 108 St Georges Terrace, entrance off William Street. The work’s more abstract this time round, examining “the complex and delicate nature of human frailty and relationships”. Get in quick — it ends April 29!

Loftus Rec Centre 20x3.5

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