Professional and realistic advice to getting ‘down under’.

With 90 visa classes and 149 subclasses further categorised into either temporary or permanent groupings, and within tourist, work, student, family or humanitarian visa types, the process of applying for residency is complicated. And without professional advice from a registered migration agent the costs can add up – a small mistake can cost you more than just your application fee – it can also damage your chances of future success.

“I have seen a lot of people who have submitted erroneous applications and with the wrong supporting documentation” says Alisdair Putt of Putt Legal.


Alisdair is an expert in migration matters and specialises in family and work visas including partner visas (spouse, de facto and same sex). In addition to being a qualified migration agent (MARN 1280017), he is also a qualified lawyer with several law degrees including a Masters of Law from the Australian National University. With a background working in migrant communities for the Australian Government for over fifteen years, and a distinguished career with the United Nations, including work in Bosnia, Darfur, Iraq and Pakistan, Alisdair’s skills are second to none. Just recently, he worked in Afghanistan for the Australian Government for nine months.

With a vast knowledge of the legal system, Alisdair is able to offer legal advice with regards to migration matters without the big legal bill of dealing with large law firms. He understands the practical and emotional  issues that applicants face when trying to become Australian citizens.

In addition to visa applications, Putt Legal provides realistic advice on clients’ prospects of success but is very clear on not offering false hope. “I will not proceed with an Australian migration application unless I believe that there is a reasonable prospect of success,” says Alisdair.

For more information visit

Putt Legal
3/184 Pier Street, Perth
Phone 9221 7682
Registration No. MARN 1280017

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