No more dirty deals for Stirling

STIRLING city council has joined 20 other Australian councils, snubbing companies that deal in coal, oil, or gas.

The council voted to amend its investment policy last week, to give preference to financial institutions that do not deal with the fossil fuel industry.

The unanimous decision follows a year of campaigning by 350 Australia, a grassroots organisation aiming to have atmospheric CO2 reduced to 350 parts per million.

NASA scientist James Hansen, backed by scientific consensus, says unless we reduce CO2 levels from the current 400 ppm to 350, there will irreversible climate consequences. Michael Fab, the coordinator for 350 in Perth, says Stirling was more receptive to the campaign because most of its investments are already fossil-free.



VINCENZO MULE, 52, is the man charged with the abduction and aggravated sexual penetration of two young children in North Perth on April 19, during school holidays. A suppression order on Mule’s identity was lifted this week by the magistrates court. Mule is remanded in custody and is due back in court June 29.

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